5 Tips to Give your Home that Wow Factor

Looking to refresh a space in your home? Or did you recently purchase a home and want some design inspiration? These 5 tips will help give your home that Wow Factor.

Go Big!

We know big. Specializing in big is kind of our thing. We have all the big pieces ready for you to fit all those huge spaces.

9’+ high, unique 5-piece cabinet

Choose Quality

We offer our customers the largest selection of high-quality pieces at prices to fit any budget.

Create a Focal Point in the Room

One way to create this is to choose a piece that is so unique that your friends will all want to come over and see it.

vintage door; customers have placed them in master bedrooms leading to bathrooms or as a unique door into a special room like a home library

Personalize your Space

Choose pieces that evoke an emotion. And while your at it, choose a piece that has an amazing back-story. Did we mention that a majority of our home furnishings have a unique story?

Introduce Boldness

Maybe you choose that high-gloss sideboard in fire-red or teal-green. And maybe you also choose that oversized wall art filled with bold colors.


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