Looking for Dining Room Tables?

Live edge wood table; currently avail at Chandler. Inquire about our Wood Slab Program at our Chandler or Scottsdale location.


Dining Tables

If you’ve decided to take on a dining room upgrade this season or you’re just swapping out an old dining table for something new, you might have noticed that there are quite a few options when it comes to dining table styles.


Some important questions to think about, before starting your dining table search:

  • How do you know which table is right for you?
  • What table shape do you prefer?
  • Which table option will seat the most people?
  • What table design will fit best with the style of my dining room?


At Potato Barn, we offer an array of styles and sizes of tables.  Dining tables are one our top selling unique items and we receive new styles monthly.  Here is a look at a few of the dining tables we have right now…



Clean lines, waterfall edge, and unique wood base make this one unique dining table.


Rectangular dining table shapes are amongst the most common for a dining room space. The versatility to use captain’s chairs or deciding the space at head/foot remain chair-less make this an ideal shape to purchase.


Round or rectangle. Which shape would work best? Measure your space before speaking with an associate so they can help guide you towards finding the perfect table.


Solid wood tables are as beautiful as they are durable.


Waterfall edge? Bench instead of chairs? Thick base versus skinny legs? Many styles are avail to choose from.


Looking for a specific shape or style?

Speak with one of our amazing sales team members.  Often times, we can special order a table.  Or maybe that style of table comes in additional sizes.  And … If you’re looking for a live edge dining table, be sure to inquire about our Wood Slab Program.

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