High Quality, Affordable Costs

At Potato Barn (PB), we sell high quality pieces at a fraction of the cost you might find at other furniture stores.

How is this possible you might ask?
Our owners travel all over the globe in search of unique pieces to bring to our stores. They do this to find the most unique pieces to bring back to our stores here in Arizona. Looking for something unique? Customers ask us to find unique home furnishings before every buying trip… you can too! And when those pieces arrive to our stores… those unique and often one-of-a-kind pieces will not have any hidden fees attached to them.

We’re upfront about our prices. No joke. We don’t believe in hiking up the prices just to do so. PB’s mission is to search the globe for the most unique treasures for our customers and sell them to our amazing customers at prices that fit any budget. So rest assured, when you shop at PB, our prices reflect the uniqueness and high quality that they are… without any hidden amounts like sales commission fees.

When you start thinking about buying new furniture for your home, think of Potato Barn. We keep you, you in mind every time we shop for our stores. And we keep our high-quality pieces at affordable costs for our amazingly unique customers.

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