Home is Where it’s All Happening, Now

Home is where it’s all happening, now.

Home is where you’re going to school.  It’s where you’re going to work.  It’s where your kids, home from college, are now e-learning.  Home is where it’s all happening, now.

Potato Barn is here to help make those “happening now’s” a little more comfortable.

Working From Home

Over 74% of U.S.  professionals are working from home (via American Home Furnishings Alliance).  Let our locations better serve you in making home spaces more comfortable and functional.

Unique Inventory

Our family owned and operated locations have an important role to play.  We are here to fill your needs at home.  Working from home more?  You need a desk.  We carry desks.  Schooling from home?  A large table might be needed for all the kids to work at.  We carry many large tables.  Spending more time at home?  You need a comfortable place to relax.  Many of our sofas and sectionals have gel foam cushions for superior comfort.  Cue the ahhhs as you relax from you day or binge watch Netflix.  Many of our sofas and sectionals are American Made and come in over 100 different fabrics.

Home Furniture is a Need vs a Want

We have the furniture you need in your home.  Search some of our 7 million+ inventory today here.

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