Lighting Ideas

When choosing lighting, it helps to factor in the design of your room.  This is a simple trick to help make choosing lights easy.

Layer types of lighting in your room: mix and match different lighting styles and shade styles.  Examples: vintage and modern, transitional and mid-century modern / low level lights, medium height or overhead lighting like pendants or chandeliers.  Layering lights will give your room a refreshed and illuminated look.

Lighting That Can Be Layered

Here’s a look at some of the styles you can find when shopping at Potato Barn:

Add one lamp to the end of our sideboard and a pot or other decor piece to the opposite end to create contrast in your space.


Glass lamps are quite popular these days. These amber lamps mix a bit of vintage with this modern sideboard. Mixing styles is fun!


Floor lamps bring some height to the space. This thin style lamp is a great addition next to your sofa or accent chair.


Have a really long sideboard? Why not break up the space and add some height dimension with a lower profile vase. And be sure to add some greenery. It will warm up the space.


Larger lamps can become a unique focal point.


Modern, contemporary, industrial or farmhouse… whichever style of lighting you choose, lighting is a great way to switch things up in your space. Lighting is also one of the easiest to switch out if you want to add in a different style to the space.


Tie in finishes. This floor lamp is a similar finish to the side table. The different heights also bring dimension to the space.


If you find the whole “mixing and choosing” of lighting, speak with our in-house designers. They’re ready to help! This is Jess. You can find her at our Scottsdale location.


More Info

We receive weekly new arrivals, so come on in and check out our large selection of lamps, pendants and chandeliers. If you’re looking for a specific style, bring inspo pics in with you! Our sales team is ready to help. You can find us here.


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