Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Unique Mom

You can find her in every room of the house – moving about, styling here and there, adding her touch to each space. The Unique Mom is a creative stylist, hostess, and of course, the best mom ever.  She’s the one always making sure each and every space in the home is warm and inviting.  She’s the one who definitely deserves a special treat on Mother’s Day, or heck, every single day!  Since Mother’s Day is coming up, we’ve put together a list of a few items any Unique Mom will be sure to love!

Unique Gifts for the Unique Mom:


unique home accessories

for the table

runner, ceramic bowl, glass beads

unique home accessories

for the shelves

level-up your shelfie game with vases of various heights










unique wall art

to go over one of our unique sideboards

vintage window frames from Holland, upcycled into unique wall art

funny tea towels

for the mom who loves a good laugh

locally made tea towels, avail at your nearest PB













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