No Butts About It

We’re different here at Potato Barn.
While other furniture stores sell used furniture, we do not.

Now, let’s go into this all a bit deeper.

Think about other furniture stores out there that take returned items like a sofa or chair.  Now, think about if anyone dropped food on the sofa or chair before returning it.  They tried cleaning it as best that they can… but the small or stain doesn’t seem to want to come out.  Now think about…  What if anyone sat on that piece of comfy furniture… in the buff!  EEEK!  Now… think about this (and take it all in) … those other furniture stores (not us) will take those used pieces back and sell them again!  Double EEEK!

Pretty crazy to think about that, right?

These instances are certainly important to keep in mind as you start your shopping for that new sofa, sectional or chair.  Is the item really new?

No butts about it 😉 it’s time to shop somewhere new and unique.  It’s time to shop Potato Barn.

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