Dos and Don’t of Furniture Shopping

You’ve decided now is the time to shop for some home furniture.  Here are some of the dos and don’t when you start your furniture shopping journey.

Do This

Do take measurements before you head out and shop.  It is important to take those measurements ahead of time so you know which unique pieces will fit in your space.

Do “test sit” on every sofa, sectional or chair before buying.  We recommend sitting and enjoying our unique pieces for many many minutes.


Don’t …

Don’t be afraid to ask questions:

  1. What type of fabric is this?
  2. Are any other colors or patterns available for this?
  3. How durable is this fabric?
  4. How do I go about cleaning this material?
  5. Is there a manufacturer’s warranty?


For a look at our 7,000,000+ unique inventory, stop into any of our valley locations.

We also ship out of state.  Learn more about our out of state shipping here.

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